Advisory Board

Committee Name: EPMA Advisory Board

Type: Operational Standing Committee

Composition: The Committee is comprised of volunteers experienced project managers that have a specific interest in the planning and implementation of professional development strategies for connecting the project management community in the UAE, and by extension the members at large, with each other and the community. The Chair and members of the board will be appointed by the CEO, and if required a Vice-Chair will be chosen by the committee.


Chairperson: TBD
Committee Members: TBD
Responsible To: CEO

EPMA Staff Support: Advisory Board Coordinator

Criteria: Must meet on regular basis. Meetings can be ‘virtual’, on the phone, or in person. The committee may create ad-hoc sub-committees and/or task forces from time to time. The Committee’s terms of reference and mandates are approved by CEO.

Specific Areas of Responsibility:

Mandate: To help EPMA in providing consulting, advice and feedback on the project management affairs in the UAE. This can cover areas such as consulting to corporates, new project management course offerings, workshops, seminars, annual symposiums and other EPMA events.

Deliverables: The committee will be expected to provide consulting, advice and input into the following areas:

  • Consulting and advice on project management related issues to corporates.
  • Potential new project management course providers and course offerings which may be of an industry specific nature.
  • Potential development of EPMA body of knowledge.
  • Potential development of a standard project management methodology.
  • Potential development of EPMA project management certification.
  • Workshops, conferences, session speakers and topics.
  • Recommendations on Professional Development and Continuing Education Program.
  • Project management research, studies and publications.
  • Assist in development and delivery of practice tools.

Proposed Approval/Review date: Annual review in September of every year.

Meetings, Timeframes and Deadlines: Bearing in mind that this is a volunteer-based committee, members should be able to commit to attend meetings via conference or in person. The term of office for each committee member should be no longer than two years, and can be renewed on an annual basis.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​