The establishment of the Emirates Project Management Academy (EPMA) comes at a time the UAE positioned itself as the leading nation in the region and has recently ranked number one in government efficiency making the UAE Government the most efficient in the world.

EPMA vision of the UAE as the leading regional project management knowledge and operational hub supports the UAE leading position and it poses a key challenge to all of us in the project management profession and other partners in the different sectors of the economy in maintaining this competitive edge.

There are thousands of project managers in the UAE working in different industry sectors and contributing to the growth of the UAE. The UAE is unique in its ability to serve both UAE nationals and expatriates.

It has obligations to both and, unlike many countries, has the capacity to deliver to both. EPMA has the same unique challenge and sees itself being able to reach its strategic objectives in a timely manner.

EPMA will contribute towards Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 by ensuring that the UAE market is driven by national workforce and build the capacity and skilled Emiratis in gainful employment with opportunities for lifelong learning and personal development.

Economic growth is a function of labor, capital and technology. With the sheer investment in projects in the UAE, the need increases to ensure that projects succeed. The UAE is investing billions of dollars on major projects in the coming few years in different sectors. This can only be accomplished by partnering with corporates in these sectors in the UAE to increase project management awareness, build project management learning road maps and ensure that corporates adopt international standards and best practices. EPMA will also provide support and guidance through its advisory board.

EPMA will work closely with international projects association and training providers to ensure high quality project management training is provided to the private and public sectors in the UAE.

I see this as a big opportunity for us to excel and support the leading role the UAE is playing regionally and internationally. I am positive that EPMA members will come together and join forces in putting their long years of local and international experience the strongest and leading project management association in the region.